6. Analyzes


▲ – moves selected groups up

▼ – moves selected groups down

✎ – edits name of selected analysis

+ – adds new analysis

– – removes selected analysis

▶ – enables / disables playing tags one by one, activate with double clicking on one tag

Tag Managment

Ⓐ – adds new video tag with start / end from video selection, drawing and current speed

Ⓜ – modifies selected video tags with start / end from video selection, drawing and current speed

✎ – shows edit dialog to change parameters of selected tags

▲ – moves selected tags up

▼ – moves selected tags down

MONTAGE – builds video montage from tags


Show Video Tags Popup MenuRight Mouse Click
Play Selected TagLeft Mouse Double Click
Add Video TagCommand (⌘) + G
Modify Video TagCommand (⌘) + M
Build MontageCommand (⌘) + B
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