5. Video Managment

Add/Remove Video

Plus sign – adds video to all selected windows

Minus sign – remove video from all selected windows

Move Video Window

Left sign – move selected windows to left

Right sign – rmove selected windows to right

Link Videos

Links all selected video with curreent time position on each (yellow icon means that videos are linked)

Fullscreen Mode

Enter/Close fullscreen video mode (yellow icon means that videos are in embedded window)

Take Snapshot

Take snapshot from current video preview

Add Image Tag

Adds current video frame to video analyze as static image

Video Layout Mode

Video layout mode organizes videos on preview with main window as first (Select main window with double click on preview)


Select Video WindowLeft Mouse Click
Select Video Windows One By OneCommand (⌘) + Left Mouse Click
Select Video WindowsShift + Left Mouse Click
Add video to selected windowsRight Mouse Click
Add VideoCommand (⌘) + D
Link VideosCommand (⌘) + L
Shift And LinkCommand (⌘) + I
Fullscreen ModeCommand (⌘) + F
Save SnapshotCommand (⌘) + P
Add Snapshot To TagsCommand (⌘) + W
Capture VideoShift + Command (⌘) + C
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