Category: Manual

8. Settings

Pro Service 9y – Shows subscription time for Pro version


Open Last Project on Launch – Opens last saved project on app startup

Autosave Actions to Projects – Autosaves all changes to project file


Disable Path Recording – Disables new motion tags while moving and resizing shape

Disable Selection Handles – Disables showing of resizing handles


Use Selection as Still Time – Enables match of selected time with creating freeze time

Disable Montage Dialog – Disables showing of montage dialog


Mute Audio – Mutes video audio

Autostart Next Scouting Tag – Enables continuous playing of scouting tags

Pro Version

Shows Buy Pro Version dialog


Opens safari links to information websites

7. Analyzes

Double Tap on analyzes tag to open selected group

Single Tap to select analyzes tags


Play – Enable playing of tags from this group

M – Combines all video tags to 1 video for export

Equal Sign – Shows group/video tags menu

Plus Sign – Adds new Analysis group

Video Tags

Double Tap on video tag to show drawing stored on this tag

Single Tap to select video tags

6. Scouting

Double Tap on scouting tag to play video on tag position

Single Tap to select scouting tags

Scouting Menu

Left Arrow – Shifts time with +1 second on all selected tags

Right Arrow – Shifts time with -1 second on all selected tags

T – Opens global times dialog

Y – Shows Filter


Apply – Applies selected filter items to scouting tags

Reset – Resets filter to default state

Close – Closes Filter

Export – Exports all tags to Analyzes

Montage – Combines all tags directly to video

5. Motion

Motion Shapes

Double Tap selects shape on screen

Single Tap selects shapes in table

Shapes Menu

Left Arrow – sends selected shapes to back

Right Arrow – brings selected shapes on top

Equal Sign – Shows Shapes menu

Minus Sign – Removes selected shapes

Shape Motion Times

Double Tap moves video position to selected shape time

Single Tap selects shape time

Motion Times Menu

Left Bracket – Sets shape start time

Right Bracket – Sets shape end time

Plus Sign – Adds new motion time on current video position

Minus Sign – Removes selected motion times

9. Video Controls


Tap on timeline to change video position

Double Tap on yellow quick freeze tag to open Freeze Managment window

Cut Controls

⌈ – marks start of selection from current time position

⌉ – marks end of selection from current time position


A – Adds current selection and drawing to selected analyzes group

M – Modifies selected analyzes tag with current selection and drawing

E – Exports current selection and drawing to directly video

Speed Controls

Rectangle ᐦ – enables / disables quick freeze mode

Circle ᐦ – enables / disables freeze mode

⑧ – enables / disables slow motion video playback with 1/8 rate

④ – enables / disables slow motion video playback with 1/4 rate

Play Controls

❙◀ – moves video postion to start

◀◀ – moves video position backward by 5 seconds divided by playback rate

▶ / ❙ ❙ – pauses / plays current video preview

▶▶ – moves video position foreward by 5 seconds divided by playback rate

▶❙ – moves video postion to end

Other Controls

⚯ / ✂ – enables / disables selection mode

⇢ / ⟲ – enables / disables loop mode


Tap and move to change video position

Single tap on left or right side of wheel to go step by step

4 Drawing

Hint: Double tap on shape with left top triangle to open settings menu


Arrow – disables any selection and movement

4 arrows – enables shape selection and movement

Star – enables / disables animation on created or selected shape

Filled rectangle – enables / disables shape filling on created or selected shape


Path – shows line path that copies motion table

Stripes – fills shape with stripes

Shadow – enables / disables shape shadow

Highlight – enables / disables highlight effect that partially hides everything else than selected shape

Lines / Arrows

Line – creates straight line with two handles

Free hand line – draws free line on left mouse button down

Arrrow – creates straight line with arrow at the end and two handles

Free hand arrow – draws free line with arrow at the end on left mouse button down

Basic Shapes

Rectangle – creates rectangle shape

Ellipse hand arrow – creates ellipse shape

Cone – created gradient cone from top to mouse location

Angle – creates 3 handles angle shape with arc and text

Zoom / Polylines / Calculations

Zoom 2 – 8 – creates zoom shape (Note: you can have only 1 zoom per video)

Polyline – creates poliline shape with optional player tracking ellipse

Calculation Box – creates new calculation box

Link to Calcultaion box – links 1 or 2 points to selected calculation box

Text / Pose / AI

Text – creates new text line, to make change later double click on it

Pose Estimation – creates pose estimation shape with selected joints

AI – creates new AI Box, suitable for tracking players, balls and all oither objects

Assign AI / Record – assign AI motion to selecteds shape / record motion of all AI boxes

Line Width

1-32 – changes line width of selected or new shape

Line dash – tap 2 times on line width to assign shape line dash


Undo – deletes last added shape (to delete selected shape press Delete)

Redo – brings back delete and undo state

Clear – removes all shapes

Delete – deletes selected shape


Select – tap on color to select current color for drawing

Change – double tap on color to show picker dialog

3. Video

Video managment

  • Plus – Adds videos to first free video position or to selected videos
  • Minus – Removes video from selected videos
  • Move Left – Moves selected videos to left
  • Move Right – Moves selected videos to right

Double Tap to Add video on selected position

Single Tap to Select videos

Link Videos

Links all selected videos with current time position on each (yellow icon means that videos are linked)

Screen Mode

Changes screen video mode, adds/removes label bar

Take Snapshot

Takes snapshot from current video preview

Add Image Tag

Adds current video frame to video analyzes as static image

Video Layout Mode

Video layout mode organizes videos on preview with main window as first

2. File

File menu

  • New Project – Creates new clear project
  • Open Project – Opens project from file location
  • Save Project – Saves current project changes
  • Save As… – Saves current project changes to another location
  • Import File – Imports scouting or other files from 3rd party apps
  • Team Cloud – Opens Team cloud window