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BinaryVideo iX for iPad and iPhone

New BinaryVideo iX for iPad is now available on the App Store, update your app and you receive for free:
– new design, logo, name
– new 3D perspective on all shapes
– new measurements in moving camera
– new 3D path
– new show distance on video
– AI for perspective
– copy/paste/duplicate shapes in motion dialog
– export to csv for perspective
– new panning camera and moving camera support
– new perspective setup with XY line
– new tracking line in XY line
– new calculations for XY line and AI Pose
– fixed upside down videos montage
– new calculation box pin


Import FIBA Live Stats, Instat, Wyscout, Longomatch, Nacsport, Dartfish, DataVolley

You can safely move to Binary Video Analysis and keep your old projects. With easy import from major video and statistic apps on a market. If you miss any of your popular apps, kindly write and we add it for you.

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