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Addon: AI Freeze Frame

AI Freeze Frame Addon will add super freeze frame effect to your videos in 1 click.


  • AI that autodetects and selects your athlete
  • incremental, Decremental, Full mode
  • motion adjustment with circular XY picker
  • add, remove frames manually
  • export to video
  • export to current project where you can add more drawing shapes
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Addon: Unit Converter

Unit Converter converts measurement results to all common physical units.

Units available:
Distance: m, km, in, ft, yd, mi
Velocity: m/s, km/h, in/s, ft/s, yd/s, mph
Acceleration: m/s², km/(h:s), in/s², ft/s², yd/s², mi/(h:s)
Angle: deg, rad
Angular Veloctiy: °/s, rad/s

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Addon: Live Streaming and Tagging

Live Streaming & Tagging Addon adds ability to receive RTP/RTSP/UDP/HTTP video streams or to get video directly from connected camera device. Real time tagging is synchronized with video recording or can be used in fake camera mode.

– network video streams in multiple windows
– video source connected via usb in multiple windows
– video recording
– save and load live video presets
– live tagging with synchronization to recording video
– fake camera tagging

Stream URL examples:




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Addon: Import AIPose

Import AI Pose Addon brings you capabality to speed up manual pose drawing with import of Pose Estimation files from various sources.

Currently these AI files are supported:

– DEEPMOTION dmpe files, please visit for more information on how to use their service

– OpenPose JSON Folder, imports whole directory of 25 joint files

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Addon: Custom Watermark

Custom Watermark Addon comes with dialog where you can import your own logo.


– import includes transparent png files

– any image size, different sizes are scaled to correct proportions

– custom watermark appears on all exported videos with montage settings where watermark is enabled