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As we started to think about supporting Binary Sports users thru this website, we already had tons of requests for video learning, validation studies, tutorials, manuals, help, FAQs,...

Now we are bringing you all on these pages, adding constant posts about how to work with our apps, master skills in biomechanics, draw like an expert on sports field, scout opponents tactic, show your team all video and scouting informations. Our mission is you learn quickly and get inside every corner.

Our instructors are ready to teach you individual or team sport analysis in 1 on 1 Zoom session or whole course ending with final exam and certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if i cannot sign to Team Cloud with message ‘ Your iCloud account is not discoverable ’ ?

If you cannot access Team Cloud with your iCloud account, you probably did not allow app to Look up your email. Change this in , Manage Apps That Can Look You Up. You need to do this on non mobile device.

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What if i need help on how to work with app ?

Please visit our youtube channel / all videos have subtitles and take a look at our online help: Youtube Channel , Online Help.

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What if i cant see videos on iOS in Binary after tap on plus sign?

You probably have original video stored on your iCloud and not in device. Please go to photo gallery and tap on edit for download or get latest Binary version from App Store > 5.7 and download via app.

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